Make It Your Own Flight Case - Customisable Options Review

We build it. But it's your flight case. And you know better than us what you need. So why not make it your own?

Instead of adding everything to a flight case and make it more expensive, we try to build a basic fully functional flight case and give you the freedom to add to it only what you need. Each flight case comes with a number of customisable options and we'll pass through each one below:


Flight Case & Rack Colour Palette


Our birch plywood comes in a variety of colours for you to choose from. If you don't choose any colour, we will use our standard Black Hexa Design Plywood. Only the finish differs from colour to colour, the birch plywood used is the same. Do note that colours will increase the production time and also the price.

Plastic PP Flight Case & Rack Panels


If you want to go for a lighter option, our SolidLite® PP weighs approx. 40% less than the birch plywood of equal strength. This eco-friendly-PP, 100% recyclable, has temperature, water, oil and chemicals resistance. The panels come in 7 mm and 10 mm thickness (same as birch plywood) and are coloured on both sides. The colour options are:

  • Black & Black
  • Black & Grey
  • Red & Blue

Flight Case & Rack Castors


We use 100 mm blue wheels castors (2 with brake and 2 without brake), which have a rated load per set (4 pcs) of 450 kg. Most of the time, the castors are mounted using 2 plywood boards 15 mm thick. Optionally, you can choose to use a full-board. The full-board option is mostly used for medium racks where the castors can be further distanced to improve stability. The short racks don't come with castors option due to the lack of space. The long racks provide both options (2 boards or full-board). We usually recommend the full-board option for racks, especially if the rack is tall, because it improves stability and also helps you when closing the lids by providing a support for them. For all of the other flight cases, 2 boards should be enough most of the time. Do note that the full-board adds significantly to the weight of the flight case.

Flight Case & Rack Labels


You can choose between a self adhesive label, a recessed label dish or both of them. Our self adhesive labels are laminated with protective clear foil surface. They can be easily cleaned and re-used without print fade.

Flight Case & Rack Engraving


Many of our images show flight cases engraved with brand and model or client logo. This is not included, our standard flight cases come without engraving. If you would like your flight case to be engraved with company logo, please add this option to the cart. You will receive an email from us requesting a vector file with your logo. If you don't have a vector file, we can vectorise it for you for an extra fee. You will be informed on the additional price for vectorising your logo, as this differs depending on the complexity. If you only want the brand or model of the equipment engraved then simply add the engraving option to the cart and we will manage the rest.


Rack Customisable Options


The rack usable depth is given by your longest equipment. If you want to leave some cables connected, you should add them to the depth (usually, 70 mm covers most of the connectors). The rack usable depth is measured between the inside edges of the closing hybrid and it doesn't include the lids depth.


The lid depth is measured on the inside of the lid. Usually, the front and back lid are built with the same depth. You can do the same with us, but we also give you the option of choosing different front and back lid depths. This is useful if your equipment has knobs or handles on the front and you need a deeper front lid or if you need more space for the cables in the back and you need a deeper back lid. Our recommendation is to stick with equal lid depths, unless special situations require different depths.

Rack Rails Types


We mostly use the infinite sliding rack rails where the hex nut is free to move along the rack rail. A special rubber insert (included) holds the hex nut in place. Another option for rack rails is to use the pre-holed rack rail which comes with perforated holes and special cage nuts. If you require this option, please write to us in the order comments field available at checkout.
The double-sided rack rails come with a secondary channel on the inside, useful if your equipment has rack ears on the front and back also. This option must be selected together with the back rack rail option also. After selecting the back rack rail and the double-sided rack rail options, please send us the brand and model of your equipment using the order comments field available at checkout. We have to match the back rack rail with the holes on your equipment's back rack ears.


Keyboard Flight Case Corner & Surface Castors


The keyboard flight cases can be equipped with recessed corner castors or surface castors. Our recessed corner castors have a 75 mm diameter soft wheel with ball bearing that provides a silent running. It's also better protected due to the aluminium housing. The surface castors have a 50 mm diameter wheel protected by a nylon housing.
The castor option also includes two handles on the sides. One handle is mounted on the opposite castor side and is used for pulling the flight case, the other handle is mounted on the castor side and is used for carrying or lifting the flight case by two persons.

Keyboard Flight Case Top & Bottom Handles


For easier carrying in one or two persons, our keyboard flight cases come with the option of adding top & bottom recessed handles. The handles are mounted in opposite direction making it easier to carry or lift the flight case.

Keyboard Flight Case Storage Compartment


Optionally, you can add a storage compartment to your keyboard flight case. The compartment is 120 mm wide and padded with high-density foam. You can use this compartment to store your accessories, like pedal, cables and so on.